Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Fact #5

It is bad when you can't think of a random fact about yourself, after thinking for a few minutes I came up with I love adventure and exploring new things. We have moved around quite a bit and I love exploring new areas and neighborhoods. When we were in Madrid for 3 few weeks because of DH's work. I would walk everywhere by myself for hours and hours. When we were down in San Francisco because of DH's work, I actually walked from SOMA across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. I guess now with 2 children that won't happen for a while. Speaking of my children, they are at such a fun age right now, I wish they will stay this age forever. I LOVE watching them play together, they have so much fun together. Madison likes to say I want it. I am thinking oh oh we will have our handsful. LOL.

Can't end the post without sharing a picture of them together modeling for Frogsandflowersboutique. Love this set, right down to the ears headband and socks, too bad we don't live near Disney. I said to Sharlene we should wear it to Target and see what kind of reaction we get. ROFL.



Mary said...

Lovin' the disney sets! Too cute!!!! Almost to gorgeous to wear to the park! Love the colors you get on these pics!!!!!

Whimsy Portraits said...

I finally got linked to you! I love seeing the kids together.

We hear a lot of "NOOOOOOOOO" in our house.

Ella Sophie Photography said...

Thank you so much Mary and Eileen. Your are both so sweet. :)