Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Fact #2

When I do things, I put in 110%. Sometimes though I tend to be obsessive compulsive with things to a point where it swings from being good for you to bad for you. Just before I had children, I use workout and run a lot. I ran 2 marathons and other smaller races, but I would workout 7 days a week from weight training to aerobic/spinning classes to running. It was hard because I would feel to need to be working out all the time, to a point where if you miss a workout you don't feel right. I feel that I need to remind myself to just step back and take a breath and reprioritize things once in a while. :)

Since I am blogging, I will share a picture of my two cuties. I just love watching them play together, they are so adorable with each other. Here they are modeling for Frogs and Flowers Boutique.



Mari said...

Annie..hug those SWEET SWEET children for me. They are truly beautiful.

Ella Sophie Photography said...

Awww, love you Mari.

Christa said...

Oh they are just so CUTE! :)

Ella Sophie Photography said...

Thank you so much Christa.