Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful !

It has been a wonderful year and we are so thankful for all the wonderful clients and friends we met this past year. We are thankful for our health, because without that, nothing else matters. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and get to spend some memorable moments with your family and friends.

Here is a shoot we did for Angie of Pretty Me. I just LOVE the beautiful fabric and colors she chooses. She is very talented.



Mari said...

What a DARLING dress and an even more darling little girl!!

DolceBaci said...

Sooo sweet!

Ella Sophie Photography said...

Thank you so much Mari.

Thank you Angie, your designs are beautiful.

Christa said...

These are beautiful shots, Annie, and of course she is absolutely precious!!!

Mary Marantz said...

omigosh!! SO cute!

Ella Sophie Photography said...

Thank you so much Christa and Mary. :)

giraffikiki*kidz said...

I love Pretty Me! I am always checking out the beautiful designs in Angie's etsy store. And your photography is amazing!

Oh yes, and come on over to my blog. :) You are the winner of a very fun CD! Yay!

:) Shelley

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Oh gosh! Please tell me you will photograph edens in this location! Beautiful photography!

Ella Sophie Photography said...

Thanks Shelley.

Jen, Thank you very much. Definitely will photograph Edens here.